How does Halley work?


Why do mosquitoes bite?


  • The female mosquito needs the proteins present in the human or animal blood to complete their reproductive cycle
  • To reach your goal, the mosquito uses a combination of senses: Heat detection and chemical detection of certain stimulants such as water vapor and CO2. The heat is detected in the tarsus third pair of legs, water vapor and CO2 are detected by the antennas.When you locate a suitable victim, sits on your skin and draws blood through the bite.
  • The need for blood makes mosquitoes transmit diseases such as malaria,dengueyellow fever and encephalitis, since, with successive bites, parasites or viruses inoculated responsible for these pathologies.

How does Halley?


  • Halley Insect repellent lotion is formulated with pyrethrins.
  • Pyrethrins are natural compounds that are derived from the dried flowers of the pyrethrum (Chrysantemum cinerariaefolium).
  • Pyrethrins nullify the ability of insects to orient causing them off into areas that your nervous system working again normally.
  • In the case of mosquitoes, the repellent effect of the pyrethrins is especially relevant since the alteration of the nervous system that may prevent locating a victim that itch to draw blood.





  • The pyrethrins have a long history of use in humans and animals, unique in its effectiveness and repellent qualities.
  • When used in normal patterns of use and in the right proportions, it is safe and its effectiveness is optimal.