HALLEY IS A SAFE AND EFFICIENT INSECT REPELLENT effective against all types of insects: tropical mosquitoes, ticks, bed bugs


Halley ensures protection of pitting for hours against mosquitoes and ticks .


The formula contains Pyrethrum natural extract, an effective active at very low concentrations, allowing the regular application of the product without the risk of skin irritation.


Pyrethrum Extract contains natural pyrethrins which nullify the orientation ability of insects. This effect keeps them away, avoiding their annoying presence and their bites.


The use of natural pyrethrins, with a composition more complex than synthetics, hinders the development of resistance

Traveler protection

In the five continents against all types of insects, including serious tropical disease vectors.

Easy to apply

Both pump spray and wipes are easy, quick and enjoyable. Not stain, not colorfast fabrics. Can be applied without damaging clothing.